Youth Leaders:

Stay up-to-date with information for NYR 2024

This page is designed to help youth leaders stay current with important information about NYR 2024.

Need to know where your campsite is when you arrive at NYR? Stop by the Registration/Merch area and our campsite manager will show you to your campsite!

Check-in: Groups need to check-in at NYR in the Registration/Merch area by 4pm on Sunday, July 21.

Shopping Bags: Colorado is a bagless state and bags are not provided at stores. Be prepared with your own bags at Walmart or you can purchase bags for  $.10 (10 cents) at King Soopers.

Campfire Information: Douglas County, Colorado is currently under stage 1 fire restrictions (7/11/24).  Only propane fit pits are allowed.

Emergency Contact Information: To contact someone at NYR you can email or call 303-688-9724. Messages will be delivered to your group in a timely manner. Please reserve this for emergencies only!

2024 Downloadable Resources

Download 2024 Programming Guide
Download 2024 Guidelines